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Health & Wellness Consultation
A Health and Wellness Coach provides you with a partner, a high level of accountability, and a knowledgeable and experienced sidekick. 
Having accountability encourages, motivates and inspires you to keep on track.  Together we will determine what you would like to change, and set achievable goals to help you get there.  I believe that true, healthy lifestyle change is achievable, albeit hard. 
Healthy Eating Habits
However, with the right mindset, a lot of information, and some direct experience, you will be well equipped to maintain all of the positive changes you will have begun.  If you are ready to make a change in your life, whether it be with diet, exercise, stress-reduction, overall or simply achieving better health, I can help!
Learn how to:
•Choose healthy, fresh foods
•Eat as locally as possible
•Listen to your body
•Keep consistent energy levels throughout the day
•Gain a positive view of food and exercise
•Introduce healthy eating habits into your life for good
I am fed up with how difficult it is for the average person to know which foods they should be eating, when they should be eating them, and in what combination they should be eaten.  I became a Health and Wellness Coach  in order to assist my clients in developing a lifestyle change and better way of life.  My life goal has been to help others, and provide my clients with the knowledge needed to enhance their lives while feeling good doing it.
I like to introduce you to the concept of eating whole, unprocessed foods in the correct combination to keep your blood sugar levels stable and your energy levels high.  I can set you up with a weekly meal guide along with food suggestions that will help you reach your goals.
In just 6 weeks, you will have a slimmer waist, more energy, and better focus.  You will not have to deprive yourself to get there, and you will be able to live this way for the rest of your life.  Ready to change in your life?...Then please call now.
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